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Soft Skills Development for Data Analysts

There are failures in the analytical world and a skills shortage. Employers are craving data scientists with soft skills, not just a technical qualification. If you work in; data analytics, insight analytics, BI or MI analytics you will leave us with the ability to communicate effectively and solve the problems holding your company back. Become the key decision-making heart of the company with Demarq.

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What are the top skills analysts should have?


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Negotiating and Influencing

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Which workshop?

Analytical Effectiveness: Foundation I

Do you need to improve the service you provide to your stakeholders? This workshop provides key standards of analytical service delivery to help improve both productivity and impact.

Analytical Effectiveness: Foundation II

Are you now liaising with key decision makers and stakeholders? This workshop will help you to apply advanced thinking to elevate your service standards and influence around your organisation.

Analytical Leadership and Management

Do you supervise or lead an analytical team? This workshop will provide some key tools and techniques for effectively leading and managing a progressive analysis unit.

Tailor-made: Customised for your team

Do you have a specific training requirement for your team? We design and deliver bespoke packages to suit your individual needs and budget.

How can Demarq help?

It’s no secret that in the data analyst world, there is a skills shortage and there is a lot of failures. The demand for talented data analysts is nothing new, but employers are now craving data scientists with core soft skills, not a PhD.

The ability to interpret data in business has always been there, so why are there so many analytical failures? The world of data science is no longer just confined to the world of spreadsheets, there are huge advancements in machine learning and complex CRM systems. Systems produce the data, so utilise your team in order to build a structured resource of customer insights, your team of analysts should become the translator between the data and the key stakeholders in order to create data-driven solutions. Our courses are suitable for; Data Analysts, Insight Analysts, BI and MI Analysts.

Supporting a companies’ growth with data-driven methods and practices whilst having customer insight is key, the ability to communicate and effectively solve a problem that is holding a business back is what organisations are looking for. The skills we teach here at Demarq offer an Immediate impact on the value of data in your business and its overall performance, taught by analysts for analysts. We put ourselves in your shoes so that trainees leave influencing key decisions and the ability to negotiate, coupled with enhanced analytical thinking.

Whilst there is nothing easy about achieving these key soft skills, the ability to make a key decision and persuade stakeholders is seen as one of the most important skills a data analyst can have, over qualifications. Managers must show that their plans have had real quantifiable results, pie charts are no longer acceptable. In reality, the management should make a plan with the help of the data analysts, the plan should be monitored and data collected by the data analytics team. The data collected by the team should then be used in subsequent planning for the future, this system however, does not seem to be implemented across companies.

What is the solution? Rather than trawling through endless candidates, few people are prepared to do what you need to do to make a real difference in the world of analytics. Retain the talent that you have by uplifting your current team through our thought-out programme. In our years of experience working for companies as in house data analysts, we have noticed an all-around expressed concern from the office floor through to CDOs in the lack of key skills in the whole industry, not just their internal teams.

These interpersonal skills are what can take a data analyst team from a set of “number crunches” to a thriving team of persuasive, influencing, key decision-making heart of a company. It’s not the amount of data a team or individual analyst produces it’s the ability to do something with it. The ability to communicate to key stakeholders in the business can save time and reveal truly invaluable business insights that can revolutionise the way your organisation operates.

So, the key question, how do you go from being ignored to a position of persuasion and influencing and help take the company to the next level? With Demarq we help you achieve this by providing the appropriate training and ability to communicate that data in order to make it persuasive is key.


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