For the last 15 years, Steve Hulmes, Head of Academy at Demarq, has been developing workshops for data analysts that are designed to improve their productivity, impact and profile within their organisations.

At Demarq Academy, we strongly believe that great analysts need more than just technical skills alone. Soft skills are equally valuable to keep their customers and stakeholders happy, improve job satisfaction and to boost their profile within the business.

Watch our video and hear Steve explain this theory.

The video outlines:

  • Why analysts should be involved from the start of projects
  • How analysts can make their customers happier
  • Why analysts need more than just technical skills
  • What soft skills data analysts should develop
  • Why analysts should take a more proactive approach

So, as you can see, a passive approach offers poor value for the analyst and the business. A proactive model, meanwhile, increases job satisfaction and brings happier customers. A win win situation for everyone.

Analysts need to develop their soft skills to move from a passive to a proactive approach to their work. The Demarq Academy workshops arm analysts with the skills they need for this transition, whether they are new to their role, an experienced analyst, or they are preparing to make the move from analyst to team leader.