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Tips and techniques to aid with turning data into reports, insight and analyses

It’s the last step in the process – you’ve done all the hard number crunching, got your results and now you need to present something back to the stakeholder. It’s often a neglected but vital last step in the process – will your Stakeholder understand it? Will it play a part in the decision making process? Or will it just gather dust?

This one day workshop helps focus analysts on improving the presentation of data analysis – from delivering basic tables to adding effective interpretation and visualisations. Participants will learn how applying a top-down needs-led approach rather than a software-led bottom-up approach can significantly improve the impact of presentation.

What our customers say

“Really good, very relevant!”

“Really good, very relevant! Have not seen anything else out there similar which is specifically geared towards analysis.”


“Fantastic, really important concepts presented in a memorable and adaptable (to real life situations) way! Thank you.”


“The Losing Heads exercise was very good and highlighted how mistakes are easily made.”

“Incredible training”

“Thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn’t recommend it any higher, incredibly positive”

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Generic data analysis courses may cover a small proportion of relevant content for your teams, but most will answer the needs of varying different roles, diluting their value. Maximise your training budget by booking a course specifically for data analysts, delivered by experienced data analysts.