At Demarq we offer a range of Soft Skills Training courses. From beginners┬áto management, there’s something for everyone.

Soft Skills Training

Demarq Academy’s soft skills training and development workshops give you an edge in data analysis, with courses that cover everything from Big Data analytics and data science, to intermediate communication and presentation skills, to advanced negotiation techniques and leadership skills.

Our soft skills training unleashes your inner potential, giving you the tips, tricks and tools you need to communicate your brilliance to those around you. No longer trapped in isolation, you will become a beacon of persuasion and productivity, equipped with everything you need to win over stakeholders, customers and colleagues alike, and become a valuable asset for your business.

Give your team a head start in communication skills, with effective leadership methods for your supervisors, all in the context of data analytics roles of all kinds. Our bespoke workshops tailor the itinerary to your company’s unique needs. When you need it to be perfect, demand Demarq.

Analytical Effectiveness: Foundation I

April 16th-19th in Manchester (Chambers of Commerce)

Do you need to improve the service you provide to your stakeholders? This workshop provides key standards of analytical service delivery to help improve both productivity and impact.

Analytical Effectiveness: Foundation II - Data Analytics Course

Part 1: April 25th & 26th in Manchester (Chambers of Commerce)
Part 2: May 16th & 17th in Manchester (Chambers of Commerce)

Are you now liaising with key decision makers and stakeholders? This intermediate analytics deliverance training workshop will help you to apply advanced thinking to elevate your service standards and influence around your organisation.

Data Analyst Leadership Training Programmes

Please enquire for next course dates.

Do you supervise or lead an analytical team? This analytical leadership and management training workshop will provide some key tools and techniques for effectively leading and managing a progressive analysis unit.

Bespoke Soft Skill Development Courses

Do you have a specific training requirement for your team?

We design and deliver bespoke packages to suit your individual needs and budget.

About the Academy

Demarq Academy hosts public workshops for individuals and small groups of delegates on our open schedule – just check each workshop’s detail page for upcoming public dates. We can also provide private workshops at a time and place to suit you, and bespoke workshops if you need a specific schedule of sessions putting together.

Our workshops are created by Steve Hulmes, an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in data analysis and soft skills training and development. His 2002 workshop ‘Making Analysis Work for Business’ has so far unlocked the potential of over 850 individuals and businesses in all data analysis roles and our current courses build on the same themes with a contemporary flavour.

Demarq recently acquired Sophic, gaining over a decade of data analytics training expertise in the process, and this combined with Demarq’s pre-existing analytics abilities forms the core of Demarq Academy’s present-day workshops, training and development.

About Steve Hulmes

Steve is the Head of Demarq Academy and the brains behind our workshop itineraries – he also delivers many of the sessions personally, and picks the team of experts who facilitate sessions in his absence. When you attend a Demarq workshop, the experience from start to finish is entirely his vision.

A few of Steve’s major milestones:

  • Over 25 years in the data analytics industry.
  • Over 15 years since Making Analysis Work for Business launched.
  • Over 10 years since Steve set up and ran Sophic.

Demarq Academy are proud to have Steve’s expertise at the helm. With our public, private and bespoke soft skills training workshops, you and your team can benefit from his insight and expertise too.

Why is Demarq better?

Apart from Steve’s considerable expertise in every workshop we deliver, there are plenty of other ways in which Demarq Academy stands apart from many other training providers:

  • Small group sizes – often in single figures so everyone gets one-on-one attention over the course of the day.
  • Choice of workshops – from general overviews to intermediate and leadership programmes, plus our bespoke workshops.
  • Hands-on coaching – including real-world examples from Steve’s career, with group discussions and facilitator feedback.
  • Engaging and ENERGETIC sessions that empower everyone present with tips, tricks and transferable skills.
  • Choice of public ‘open schedule’ workshops, privately run programmes or bespoke schedules.
  • Discounts available for non-profit organisations.

We include practical sessions in each workshop itinerary, so delegates are welcome to bring their own laptop so they can work with familiar equipment. We usually ask for a minimum of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint to be installed, although a full Microsoft Office suite is beneficial. If you don’t have the hardware or software (or you just don’t want to bring it yourself) we can provide suitable equipment on request too.

Why go bespoke?

Bespoke training workshops give you direct control over the itinerary and allow us to put together a schedule to suit you, whether it’s a half-day coaching session or a multi-day workshop. We can accommodate the existing skills levels of your team members and their supervisors, and make sure everyone gets the right level of coaching – not too advanced for their needs, but without patronising anyone in a leadership role either.

Communication skills are at the heart of many of our workshop sessions, and by booking a bespoke workshop, we can make sure we coach your employees in the correct context of their real-world teams and the kinds of presentation skills they need to be better at their jobs.

Ultimately, bespoke workshops allow us to fill in the gaps with our own experience and expertise, to complement your in-house training without going over old ground. To find out more about this or any of our data analytics workshops, email Steve Hulmes at or call us on 0161 956 2638.


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