Analytical Effectiveness: Foundation I

Analytical Effectiveness: Foundation I

Demarq’s Foundation I Data Analytics Courses take the form of four-day soft skills training courses with plenty of rest breaks and refreshments. They not only polish your existing data analysis skills, but go beyond that, arming you with effective leadership and communication skills and other transferable techniques for business like presentation skills too.

Anyone in an analytical role can benefit, from Insight Analysts and Marketing Analysts, to Business Intelligence professionals and Credit Risk Analysts. If your job involves compiling and reporting on the findings of your data analysis – whether you do so externally to clients or internally to colleagues – this foundation course is for you.

What skills do I gain?

Foundation I soft skills training courses help to improve your performance for stakeholders in:

  • Data science.
  • Big Data analytics.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Data mining techniques.
  • Advanced analytics.

The data analytics skills you gain on this four-day programme can be applied immediately in the workplace and also give you a good general grounding to continue on to our intermediate Foundation II programme at a later date.

You also gain soft skills like effective presentation and communication, and these can be applied in a broad range of workplace scenarios, helping you to express yourself more clearly and to work better with colleagues and stakeholders.

What do I need?

There are no firm pre-requisites as such, but if delegates are able to provide their own laptop with standard Microsoft Office programs like PowerPoint and Excel installed, that’s great – if not, we can arrange to provide a suitable laptop on the day.

If you have previously attended Steve Hulmes’s workshop ‘Making Analysis Work for Business’ you will have a good base to build on – but again this is not essential, as Analytical Effectiveness is a Foundation I course suitable for all comers.

What's on the schedule?

Day 1 AM: Analytical Service

We start with an overview of the service models most often used by analytical teams. The morning of Day 1 is spent evaluating and discussing these different models, as well as how teams are measured – and crucially, how customer trust and perception help to build credibility and positive relationships.

Day 1 PM and Day 2 AM: Effective Communication

One of the essential soft skills of this workshop, communication skills help to keep everybody in the loop, including analysts who are sometimes left out of the data they need to perform well in their roles.

Day 2 PM: Effective Planning & Workload Management

Effective planning and especially good workload management are key to good time management and delivering on the promises made in business. This session looks at how analysts can apply this using suitable negotiation skills that complement analysts’ own instinctive planning styles.

Days 3 and 4: Presenting Data for Impact

The strongest data is only effective if it is presented well, so the second half of this programme focuses on effective presentation skills – PowerPoint slides at the ready. The sessions over both days build from basic presenting skills to more detailed and complex strategies that apply personal interpretation and commentary to the raw facts – effectively giving analysts their own voice to share insights and expertise.

About Steve Hulmes

Steve Hulmes is the Head of Demarq Academy and designed this boot camp workshop. He or a member of his team of experts will facilitate all sessions on the schedule. Steve’s prior workshop, ‘Making Analysis Work for Business’, launched in 2002 and has been attended by over 850 analysts and organisations in the years since.

This four-day programme expands on that workshop, but you don’t need to have attended before. Steve draws on his more than 25 years of experience in business, providing genuine insight, real-world anecdotes and practical examples to help set your coaching in context.

How much does it cost?

The fee for the complete four-day workshop (including refreshments throughout) is £1,450 + VAT. We also take enquiries if you would like to schedule a private workshop other than our open schedule, and can offer discounts for non-profit organisations.

You can download the complete programme for the four-day course below, or for more details about any of the elements, get in touch with our experts.

Call us on 0161 883 3703 or email and we will be happy to help with any enquiries you might have about the Foundation I programme, or any of our other data analytics courses and soft skills training courses.

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