Analytical Effectiveness: Foundation II

Analytical Effectiveness: Foundation II

Demarq’s Analytical Effectiveness: Foundation II workshop builds intermediate data analyst skills over four days, incorporating the data analysis techniques covered in our Foundation I workshop programme. However, you don’t need to have attended the Foundation I course, as long as you are familiar with the relevant data analyst skills.

As with the Foundation I programme, Analytical Effectiveness: Foundation II is suitable for BI professionals, Credit Risk Analysts, Insight and Marketing Analysts – generally anyone whose job requires them to report on data analysis to colleagues, customers and stakeholders, and is not a total newcomer to the role.

What skills do I gain?

Foundation II soft skills training courses polish your existing skills and enhance your abilities:

  • Dealing with stakeholders and decision makers.
  • Managing suppliers’ expectations.
  • Delivering persuasive presentations.
  • Elevating your analytical authority.
  • Influencing decision making.

We give you transferable skills you can take away and apply immediately to Big Data analytics and reporting, data communication and presentations, negotiation skills and persuading stakeholders.

These are skills that will continue to serve you well in the future – and while this is an intermediate-level workshop for data analysts with some time spent in the role, the earlier in your career you attend, the longer you will benefit from the skills and techniques you learn.

What do I need?

It is helpful if you can bring a laptop with Microsoft Office programs installed – including the data analyst’s essential companion Microsoft Excel and the presentation package PowerPoint – and if you do this, it gives you the chance to learn using your own everyday equipment. We can supply suitable laptops on the day if required, just let us know.

There are no absolute pre-requisites, but as an intermediate-level workshop, it is advantageous if you either have attended the equivalent Foundation I workshop or have worked in your role for at least a year and have good knowledge of the general skills. Both would be even better.

What's on the schedule?

We work hard to make sure the itinerary for Foundation II focuses on the most important skills and techniques at the present time – so the below is subject to change as necessary to give you the best in-context coaching.

Day 1 AM: Pro-active Analytical Service

As always we start with a general overview of how to provide a good analytical service, in particular adopting a pro-active approach to customer and stakeholder consultation.

Day 1 PM and Day 2 AM: Managing and Influencing Stakeholders

The biggest segment of this workshop takes us overnight into day two, covering topics like:

  • Negotiation and transparent planning.
  • Pre-positioning.
  • Personality types and emotional intelligence.
  • Influencing skills.

Learn to manage the expectations of customers and stakeholders – an essential skill in order to ensure maximum satisfaction on delivery.

Day 2 PM: Managing Suppliers

When you are not in total control of the project – due to reliance on a third party, for example to supply you with a data stream – good management can make the difference between delivering on time, and missing a vital deadline.

Day 3 AM: Enhanced Analytical Thinking

Incorporating advanced techniques and approaches such as 80/20 to deliver on time – however tight the deadline may be.

Day 3 PM: Developing a Persuasive Presentation

How to introduce fresh thinking in your presentations and make sure they convince your audience of your key message or argument.

Day 4: Case Studies

We end with some worked real-world examples, where delegates are invited to apply the skills they have learned to deliver effective outputs, which will then be evaluated by the group and the session facilitators.

About Steve Hulmes

Every session on the course programme will be facilitated either by Steve Hulmes, Head of Demarq Academy, or by one of his team of experts. Steve designed the schedule for the workshop, based on his own 25 years (and counting) of real-world business experience.

You may have attended Steve’s workshop ‘Making Analysis Work for Business’, which has helped over 850 individuals and organisations polish their skills since 2002, or you may already have benefited from his expertise on our Foundation I coaching course.

How much does it cost?

Our Foundation II workshops on our open schedule cost £1,450 + VAT per person, which includes refreshments over the course of the four-day itinerary. For private workshops, e.g. to be held internally with only your own analysts present, please contact us – also let us know if you are a non-profit organisation in need of a discounted per-person price.

To find out more, download the workshop programme below, contact us on 0161 883 3703 or email Steve directly at Our experts are ready to handle all enquiries relating to Foundation II or any of our data analytics workshops.

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