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Data Analyst Leadership Training Programmes

Demarq’s Data Analyst Leadership Training Programmes help to build, polish and expand your tools and techniques in roles where you are directly responsible for others – a kind of next-level data analytics training specifically for team leaders and supervisors.

Maximising your own performance as a leader means getting the best out of every member of your team too, and with the data analyst leadership toolkit you will take away with you at the end of this workshop, you will be better placed than ever to effectively manage a progressive data analysis unit in every respect.

What skills do I gain?

We focus on transferable leadership skills that help you to manage your team more effectively, making this an essential workshop for anyone who leads one or more data analyst professionals.

  • Adapt to changes in your responsibility.
  • Challenge, inspire and motivate team members.
  • Adopt a leadership mind set.
  • Develop strategies and behaviours for a management role.

As a team leader, you no longer exist in isolation – and with our coaching, you can make sure that you are the well-oiled hub of your team and not a stick in the spokes.

What do I need?

As the name suggests, this workshop is specifically designed for individuals in data analyst leadership roles – so ideally you should currently be in a role that involves leading a team of data analysts or supervising any number of data analysts.

There’s no minimum size, so even if you are only directly responsible for one other person, the tools and techniques you learn here can help you to start improving your interactions, including transferable ‘soft skills’ like effective general leadership and communication skills.

Some experience as a data analyst team leader is clearly beneficial, although if you are just starting out in a leadership role, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t attend our leadership training programmes to get a head start on the soft skills your future career will demand – just be aware of the subject matter that will be involved.

We may also ask you to bring your laptop with Microsoft Office installed, if appropriate for the specific itinerary of the workshop you attend, although we can also arrange to provide laptops for delegates on the day by request.

What's on the schedule?

This three-day workshop covers the essential tips, tricks, tools and techniques of team leadership, using anecdotes and examples from Steve Hulmes’s 25 years of experience in the industry. We make sure to keep the exact itinerary updated so it’s on-trend and in-context – for more specific details please let us know when you are planning to attend. We can also provide bespoke workshops if you need us to focus on anything specific to your own teams and supervisors.

About Steve Hulmes

Steve is the Head of Demarq Academy and lead facilitator on our workshops. If he’s not leading the sessions when you attend, a member of his carefully curated team of experts will be in his place – and all of our itineraries are put together by Steve based on over 25 years of real-world business experience.

In 2002 Steve launched his workshop ‘Making Analysis Work for Business’, which has been attended by over 850 organisations and individual analysts in the years since. It also forms the foundation of our Analytical Effectiveness workshops, if you’ve attended either of those (but it’s not a pre-requisite).

Steve is a firm believer that a mountain should have snow on it and a coat hanger should not be made of wire – and that nobody should be allowed to sap your energy. His sessions apply this no-nonsense approach and infectious energy to real-world examples and anecdotes, helping to transfer your newly acquired transferable skills out into the wider world when you leave at the end of the scheduled classes.

How can I find out more?

Contact us with any questions about our Data Analyst Leadership Training Programmes, including upcoming open dates for general delegates and opportunities for private courses if you prefer your staff to be the only data analysts attending that particular course.

Prices for this three-day programme are available on request, with a discount available for non-profit organisations, so please let us know if that status applies to you. We are happy to quote a price for private coaching courses – and we offer bespoke workshops if the standard itinerary doesn’t deliver exactly what you need.

You can call Demarq on 0161 883 3703 to discuss your needs or to ask us anything about this and other workshops we offer, or email Steve on for a reply from the man himself. Remember our bespoke workshops are available so however specific your enquiry, we will do our best to accommodate you.

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