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Our bespoke soft skills courses are a modular way to complement any internal training you deliver to your data analytics teams, drawing on Steve Hulmes’s considerable expertise to challenge your team members with worked real-world examples and case studies, which are then subjected to group review and feedback from our experts.

We deliver this expert coaching in situ – wherever that situ happens to be to suit you – and at a convenient time. We can put together programmes of different durations, too, so if you can only spare your staff for half a day, we can work with that.

All bespoke soft skills coaching keeps your employees firmly in mind. If your team members work in data analytical roles or in any job that involves collating, compiling and presenting data to customers and stakeholders, we can develop a programme that will help them progress to the next level.

What skills do I gain?

We focus particularly on soft skill development, including general teamwork and communication, effective data analysis and presentation, and for supervisors, good management skills and getting the most out of team members.

However, as bespoke courses, we can always incorporate other take-home techniques that may be specific to your company culture, allowing us to deliver coaching that is fully in context in your workplace.

What do I need?

Bespoke workshops take your existing skills into account – so more than ever, there are no specific pre-requisites as we can usually plan around whatever your current abilities and experience might be. That makes these programmes excellent for any stage of career development:

  • Intakes of new starters who need a common base to build team communication skills on.
  • More experienced staff in need of continuing professional development support.
  • Newly promoted and experienced team leaders who need specific coaching for the role.
  • Groups of mixed expertise – we can develop an itinerary to promote bonding and communication.

In terms of equipment, it is always beneficial if delegates have a laptop each, ideally with standard Microsoft Office applications including Excel for data analysis and PowerPoint for practice presentations – if you don’t have enough, let us know and we can usually supply these on the day.

What's on the schedule?

Whatever you want! We are happy to take enquiries where you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve from your workshop, or if you’re not sure, we can advise too. With the help of Demarq Academy Head Steve Hulmes, we can work with you to put together an itinerary that suits the existing skills of your staff and is perfectly tailored to their continuing professional development.

As always, Steve will bring his considerable business experience and expertise to bear when designing the sessions for your workshop – so whatever schedule we agree on, you will always get case studies and practical

problems for delegates to solve, with feedback from our experts and within the group on their suggested solutions.

About Steve Hulmes

Steve Hulmes has been designing and delivering data analytics training courses since 2002 when he launched his celebrated workshop ‘Making Analysis Work for Business’, which has since benefited more than 850 organisations and individual data analysts. From that initial workshop came the four-day Analytical Effectiveness workshops Foundation I and II, which build to intermediate-level data analytics skills.

All of our current workshops are facilitated by our team of experts, including sessions led by Steve himself, and your facilitators on the day will be on hand to give their own feedback on the solutions suggested by delegates in worked examples and case study sessions. Steve believes in putting real energy into all things, and our bespoke workshops have as much vigour and vibrancy as our open scheduled courses do.

How much does it cost?

As a bespoke workshop, we will quote you a bespoke price. Please also bear in mind that as we create these workshops especially to meet your specific needs, they will not be a part of our open schedule – as such, the total number of delegates who attend will depend entirely on the number of your own team members you want to come along.

We can offer discounts to non-profit organisations, so if that applies to you, please make sure you mention it in your initial enquiry and we can make sure we take it into account throughout the planning process. For this and any other enquiries, you can reach Steve directly at or call us on 0161 883 3703 to speak to our team of experts.

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