Influencing & Negotiating

Take control of your stakeholder relationships

What is it?

This workshop provides analysts with enhanced skills and techniques to help them improve their negotiation and influencing skills when engaging with their customers and stakeholders. The workshop combines theory with practical real-life based case studies and team exercises to give participants an opportunity to apply the learnings.

Who is it for?

This workshop is ideal for those analysts who wish to improve the influence both they and their work has on their peers and key stakeholders.

What do participants learn?

Through theory, examples and exercises participants will learn how to adopt and apply six key principals to develop more persuasive arguments for influencing the mindsets and actions of stakeholders and decision makers. Additionally, the analysts will gain an appreciation of their own negotiating style and learn the importance of negotiating win-win outcomes to maintain good relationships with their customers.


Influencing & Negotiating Skills

  • Cialdini’s Six Principals of Influencing
  • Framing
  • Influencing Scenarios
  • Understanding your influencing style
  • Negotiating outcomes and approaches
  • Common negotiating behaviours
  • Developing a negotiation strategy

Who facilitates the workshop?

Steve Hulmes, Demarq’s Head of Academy and co-developer of this workshop, facilitates and brings anecdotes, learnings and examples from his 30 year career to bring the content alive for participants.

What are the fees?

To join one of our scheduled open workshops the fees are £550+vat including refreshments and materials. There is a schedule of open workshops on our website. If you wish to privately host a workshop please call.

Workshop dates

Call us on 0161 883 3703 for workshop dates.