Presenting Data for Impact

Effective techniques for presenting reports and analyses

What is it?

Analysts often neglect the presentation of their work, especially when deadlines are tight. This workshop reinforces the role effective presentation plays in both the customer’s perception of the analyst and the impact of their work. Topics covered include the development of effective reporting standards, adding value to reports and using visualisation effectively. Taking examples from real-life analytical scenarios, participants are provided with key tips to ensure their outputs are clear, concise, understandable and impactful.

Who is it for?

Suitable for all kinds of data analysts – Insight Analysts, Marketing Analysts, Credit Risk analysts, Data Scientists, Modellers and Business Intelligence professionals – anyone whose job it is to provide insight and analysis to their organisation or their organisation’s clients.

What do participants learn?

This workshop provides analysts with a structured approach to presenting the results of their work in order to maximise impact. They will learn best practice when it comes to adding value to reports, enhancing visualisations and how to ensure outputs are tailored to the needs of the customer.



  • The importance and impact of presentation


  • Designing effective data tables
  • Using hierarchies in the data to improve understanding
  • Incorporating effective value-add summaries


  • Pitfalls of poor chart design
  • Choosing the right chart for the data
  • Key steps to developing effective charts

Who facilitates the workshop?

Steve Hulmes, Demarq’s Head of Academy and developer of this workshop, facilitates and brings anecdotes, learnings and examples from his 30 year career to bring the content alive for participants.

What are the fees?

To join one of our scheduled open workshops the fees are £550+vat including refreshments and materials. There is a schedule of open workshops on our website. If you wish to privately host a workshop please call or email.

Workshop dates

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