Data presentation — is it time to go back to basics?

You’ve heard the old phrase, ‘keep it simple, stupid’, but have you ever considered how that advice relates to the way you present data analyses? After working hard to access, extract and crunch the data, the final report presentation can feel like a bit of an…...

Predictive Analytics and Self-Service BI

The world of Business Intelligence continues to change rapidly. Lengthy, costly, IT led projects are being replaced by more cost effective and user friendly options. Business Intelligence is no longer just for organisations that can boast the finances, the necessary infrastructure and the skilled resources.

Self Service BI – Governance vs Flexibility

BARC-Research recently presented findings from their BI Trends survey for 2015.  Conducted across a sample of over 3,000 BI users and practitioners it found that Self Service BI had moved several places to become the third most important trend for 2015. 

SMEs – Choosing the Right BI Tool

There is an increasingly strong demand for BI tools within the SME market and, perhaps subsequently, an increasing willingness from the vendors to meet the market demand with more flexible, scalable and cost effective solutions.

Demarq acquires analytical training company Sophic

Demarq is delighted to announce its recent acquisition of Sophic, specialists in data analytics training. Bringing together Demarq’s exceptional analytical capabilities and Sophic’s 11 years of analytical training expertise enables Demarq to provide a 360 degree wheel of analytical services, which now includes high quality provision of training, resource and consultancy.

Data Analysts – keep it simple!

When you’ve got your head down in technical detail sometimes it can be really hard to see the wood for the trees. Data Analysts work in detail all the time – it’s key to being able to produce robust work, and it’s right that the detail is given the appropriate level of attention, as without it, the pyramid of inferences, connections and conclusions drawn from this detailed base layer can become unstable.

Why Analysts need to get off their arses

One of the questions that comes up with reasonable frequency when I’m facilitating the ‘Making Analysis Work for Business’ workshop is whether or not analytical teams should sit together or whether they should be distributed amongst the organisation in order to be...

Demarq Academy: Addressing the Soft Skills Gap

When analytical services provider Demarq recently acquired data analytics training specialists, Sophic, the resulting Demarq Academy served to further elevate Demarq’s position as one of the leading providers of analytical services in the UK. The newly launched Demarq...

Productivity & Impact: Are Analysts Maximising their Value?

Ask any analyst (or indeed their clients) what frustrates them the most and a likely answer will be what Demarq Academy has coined ‘re-work’. Take a typical example: an analyst submits some work to the client. The analyst thinks [s]he’s done a pretty good job. But...