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Our range of services transform your business by optimising your platform, freeing your data and bringing it to life so that you get the full value from your investment in your Analytical Infrastructure.

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People skills. Confidence. Confidence, that you can become indispensable to your customers. Confidence that you’ll be giving yourself the edge: the best chance of progressing your career. Because being technically brilliant alone isn’t good enough anymore. If you want to improve your output and get ahead, you need to know how to apply your knowledge. Tap your potential. Impact the businesses you work for. Influence your customers. Raise your profile. Feel valued. Become an asset. Now those are things really worth understanding. Get ahead. Think Demarq Academy.


With the growing demand for IT solutions and the ever-increasing number of software vendors and products, there has never been a greater need for independent, impartial advice, tailored specifically to your organisation and focused on your requirements.

We also believe that many of your organisational challenges can be solved by enhancing your analytics and insight capabilities. Used correctly, data can be a major asset and provide highly valuable insight.


The Consulting Service offers you the ability to engage with our consultants to deliver an end to end project or engage with your existing project team to deliver a specific function.

The service typically delivers a particular piece of work or functionality to our customer and then hands that piece over and leaves site. We offer all levels of support including consultants, project managers, technical leads and industry subject matter experts.


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