Pathways to GDPR

If you think GDPR doesn’t apply to you, you may want to reconsider. Apathy is not the best strategy. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to embark on a huge, costly project. Whatever the size of your business, let Demarq help you simplify the process and find an approach that’s best for you.

GDPR: Are you ready for it?

As you’ll of course be aware, GDPR comes into effect in May 2018 so if your company, however large or small, holds personal data on any EU citizen, GDPR will be applicable to you. The pertinent question is, will you take steps to address it or, will you just hope it won’t catch you out?

How will GDPR expose your company?

You’ll no doubt be familiar with the severe consequences of being non-compliant but where does the threat of exposure come from?

  • Individuals exercising their rights to access their own data.
  • Data security breach (exposure of personal information).
  • Audit from ICO (UK) or other EU regulatory authority.

Why talk to Demarq?

Demarq believe in making GDPR compliance simple. Our phased, stepping stone approach will give you a starting point; or, if you’ve already got things underway, guidance and reassurance that you’re on the right track. We’ll help you fully grasp what GDPR means specifically to your business by assessing the level of risk.

Our consultancy package costs from £5,000 for a discovery phase that will enable you to clearly plan and make decisions around next steps. The discovery phase comprises gap analysis, risk assessment and recommendations. There’s certainly no obligation to buy technology or progress further. You may not even need to.

Demarq advocates that GDPR also brings with it the potential opportunity to realise data and legacy system migration projects that may previously have been deemed low priority or lacking sufficient funding and sponsorship. The benefits of addressing GDPR could therefore be far reaching.

What’s Demarq’s approach?

Our approach is based on 5 stages –

  • Discover – Assess and identify high-risk areas of potential exposure, produce recommendations and determine next steps.
  • Identify – Access, identify and classify data using proprietary technology to determine where personal data resides.
  • Govern – Provides the foundation for meeting new requirements. Includes data inventory, lineage and traceability solution across your businesses data assets and workflows.
  • Protect – Set-up a personal data hub.  Secure sensitive and personal data items.
  • Monitor – Operationalise business processes for ongoing reporting, logging and monitoring of who is using personal data and for what purpose.

What are Demarq’s credentials?

We’re data management specialists.

We have two GDPR accredited consultants: Peter Meyer and Richard Carey.

Find out how we’ve helped other customers. Read our case study here.

Read our GDPR white paper here.

It’s highly likely you’ll have an active GDPR program already underway and we position ourselves as complementing existing engagements and projects. We’d be happy to discuss this further with you or any additional questions you may have. Call 020 3637 5509, or email


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